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Doctors to enucleate eye of 9-year-old boy shot by IOF
Doctors to enucleate eye of 9-year-old boy shot by IOF
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Doctors decided to enucleate the left eye of the Palestinian child Malk Issa',9, after being shot by Israeli soldiers in Essawiya town, northeast of occupied Jerusalem.

The father of Malk said in a speech to Wadi Hilwa Information Center that doctors have no other choice because Malk's left eye is inflamed, and if not enucleated it may lead to other complications, which may quickly affect negatively the right eye and the brain.

He added that we asked the doctors not to remove the  left eye, although he was sure to lose sight of it, for the sake of his psyche and the psyche of the family, but we seem to be forced.

He noted that the decision is very difficult, but there is no other choice.

" Malik did not sleep last night, and he kept crying all night," his father said.

He noted that the Israeli soldier who shot Malik destroyed our family, our psyche and the child's psyche.

He said, "Malik's sisters, who were accompanying him when he was shot, are currently suffering from severe psychological conditions, and they need treatment."

last Saturday, an Israeli policeman shot with a rubber-coated metal bullet the child while he was returning from his school, and hit him directly in his eyes, without any justification for the shooting.

Al-Issawiya towns witnesses a daily arrest, interspersed with breaking into the village and searching its homes, on the pretext of clashes with police in the town.