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IOF arrests 12 Palestinians in West Bank
IOF arrests 12 Palestinians in West Bank
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WB, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested on Thursday at dawn 12 Palestinians from the occupied West Bank.

Local sources reported the IOF arrested five citizens from Jenin, identified as Abdullah Bali , Amr Jadoun , Loai Hussin , Rjeh al-Bali , Omar Jadoun from Jenin and Mohammed Abed from Kafr Dan .

The sources added that they also arrested three citizens from Qalqilya, identified as Mohammed Shath, Rami Snena and Ali Badawi.

Sources also reported that IOF arrested Mohammed Abu Khalel from Ramallah and Saqer Rabayaa east Bethlehem, Othman Asi near Salfet and the ex-prisoner Shaher al-Heh north Hebron.