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Seven new cases of coronavirus emerge in Gaza Strip, bringing total to nine
Seven new cases of coronavirus emerge in Gaza Strip, bringing total to nine
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinian ministry of Health based in Gaza announced Wednesday midnight seven  cases infected with covid-19 in one quarantine all of them of security forces. 

The ministry said in a statment that the total number of coronavirus cases in the Gaza Strip rose to nine after seven security servicemen that were in direct contact with the first two patients that returned from Pakistan tested positive Thursday overnight

The seven new patients are in light condition, and were in isolation prior to testing positive and will continue to be isolated, as well as the two other patients.

The Health Ministry  affirmed that no cases have been recorded inside of the Strip and what was uncovered was in one of the isolation centers.

Abdelnasser Soboh, the head of the World Health Organization’s sub-office in Gaza, downplayed concerns about the nine cases in Gaza.

“These cases are imported and not from inside Gaza,"he affirmed. 

A total of 1568 people in Gaza were being held in more than 20 quarantine facilities, while 1205 were isolated in their homes, the Health Ministry said on Saturday.

Soboh, however, said in early March that the coastal enclave’s health infrastructure would not be able to handle hundreds or thousands of cases of the virus.

Hospitals in Gaza frequently lack sufficient medications and medical equipment and often rely on backup generators to maintain a consistent flow of power.

Qidra told a press conference on Thursday that the blockade “constitutes the primary threat to all citizens in Gaza and denies them their right to health and dignified living conditions.