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Palestinian National Security publishes film on Israeli spies in Gaza
Palestinian National Security publishes film on Israeli spies in Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinian national security force announced on Monday arresting a number of spies whom Israeli occupation forces asked to observe the activities of March of Great Return along the east border of Gaza since March 2018.

Palestinian national security force based in Gaza published Monday evening a short film about the spies. The film presented information about one of the spies, naming him as M12, his age is 60 and had been working with Israeli intelligence since 1994.

M12 talked about the tasks that he is instructed to do and the Israeli intelligence officers who directed him. He said that he worked with officer called Abu Dawoud in 1994, with the officers Jalal and Jihad in 2009, in 2016 he was working with the officer Shafeeq and in 2017 with the officers Zaher and Reyad.

The film showed a photo of the officer Shafeeq who works at Erez crossing northern Gaza Strip. M12 admitted that he met with the officer in mid- December 2016 and in June 2017 while the third meeting was in Netanya, northern Israel.

M12 said that the officer Shafeeq asked him to collect information about number of Palestinian resistance men, the number of workers on the National Security Force, and bout people who works in the Palestinian police and about the March of Return.

He said in May 2018, the officer Reyad asked him to collect information about a place to fire rockets from behind a house in the vicinity of his residence.

The film exposed a telephone call between M12 and the officer Reyad who ordered M12 to watch the March of Return and observe the activities.

The film exposed information about another spy naming him as R24, his age is 63 and had been communicating with Israeli intelligence since 2016 , especially with the officers Abu al-Ameer, Abu Na'eem and Ore.

R24 said that the officer Abu al-Ameer said to him that Israel have paid a lot of money in Gaza and people must revolt against the Hamas government in Gaza, but unfortunately all the projects and methods that we used failed and the people turned to us, revolted against us, and headed on the borders against us. "

The Supreme National Authority for Return and Breaking Siege Marches decided in a conference in December to suspend the organization of the marches

Since March 2018, thousands of Palestinians was participating in the Return March every Friday, calling for lifting the siege on Gaza and the return of the refugees to their cities and villages.

Israeli army tried to stop the marches by using excessive force, killing dozens of Palestinians and thousands of injuries.