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US equipment is being used to detect and demolish Gaza tunnels
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Gaza,  Alray - Intelligence sources have revealed that the US Corps of Engineers has given a $10 million contract to Raytheon Technologies Company to detect the tunnels underneath the Egypt-Palestine border. The tunnels have been used to import essential goods to the besieged Gaza Strip and are now being destroyed by Egypt's coup government, Memo reported.

Cooperation between Egypt and the US Corps of Engineers started in 2007 but the tunnel-detection programme was stopped when President Mohamed Morsi took office. "When Egypt's military regime, which opposes the Hamas-led government in Gaza, ousted Morsi the deal with the Americans was revived," said the sources.

 In 2008, they added, the US supplied the Egyptians with equipment worth $23 million to detect the tunnels, including sensors and remote control vehicles, drilling machines and infrared cameras.