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Weekly toll: 14 Palestinians killed in Syria
Mass destruction in Syria due to the continued violence
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Gaza, ALRAY - 14 Palestinians were killed over the last week in the continued violence in Syria, a statement of the Action Group for Palestinians in Syria showed.

The group said Saturday in a statement that it "documented the deaths during the period between 9 and 15 November 2013,"

On Saturday, November 9, young man Mahmoud Awad died in a shooting in the Yarmouk refugee camp.

On Sunday, November 10, child Omar Hussein died of drought and lack of food and medical care due to the blockade imposed on the Yarmouk refugee camp, while young man Fayez al-Hassan passed when a shell struck the Deir Yassin Street in behind Palestine Hospital.

On Monday, November 11, young man Maher al-Nassar of the Yarmouk refugee camp, held by the Syrian army for nine months, was tortured to death in the central Syrian security prisons, while Ahmed Zaidan died in the shelling of the Yarmouk refugee camp.

On Tuesday, November 12, Hassan Awad , and Ibrahim Temaa fell in the bombing of al-Orouba neighborhood in the Yarmouk refugee camp, while Ali Troah died of his wounds he sustained in a sniper fire at the entrance to the Yarmouk refugee camp a few days ago.

On Thursday, November 14, youth Ahmed Jihad, a recruit of Palestinian Liberation Army, died in clashes between the army and Syrian rebel groups; Maher Khattab, a resident of Jaramana refugee camp, died after being injured by shrapnel in the Qishleh area; Waseem Jariyan fell in clashes in the Yarmouk refugee camp.

On Thursday, November 15, Mosa al-Shalhawi died of wounds he survived after an earlier bombing of the Maliha area in Rural Damascus. Bashar Aidi died after being injured by shrapnel of a shell that fell a few days ago at the Yarmouk refugee camp , while Bilal Omar of the Yarmouk refugee camp died of wounds he suffered several ago days in a bombing of the camp.