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Israeli forces hand over 7 demolishing orders in Jenin
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 Jenin, ALRAY -  The Israeli occupation forces  handed over on Wednesday notifications for the demolition of seven Palestinian houses and two barracks in eastern of Barta'a village in Jenin.

Homeowners said large Israeli troops stormed the area of Khirbet Abdullah Younis, and handed them demolition notices, under the pretext of building without a permit.

These houses belong to the citizens: (Ziad Saad Allah, Haitham al-Nabulsi, Mahmoud Hasan, Muhammad Moen, Tayseer Sheikh Ali, Mohammed Qabha, Medhat Abdel Latif).

 Some of these houses are under construction and some are ready to be housed, in addition to the two poultry farms with more than 6,000 birds.

 The village of Barta'a locates behind the apartheid wall, in isolation from the Palestinians.