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Israeli airliners to renew flight to Turkey after 5-year hiatus
EL AL planes lie at rest at Ben-Gurion Airport earlier this week due to a strike Photo: REUTERS
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Gaza, ALRAY - (Israel) will renew regular flights to Turkey following a hiatus of more than 5 years, Israeli minister announced. 

Following months of discussion between the two countries’ aviation authorities, Israel's so-called Civil Aviation Authority Director and his Turkish counterpart signed Tuesday an agreement in Ankara allowing for the renewal of flights by Israeli carriers to Turkey, Jeruslame Post reported.

"The Israeli airlines halted scheduled and charter flights to Turkey more than 5 years ago, due to disputes over security arrangements at the airports in which the Israeli carriers landed," it added. 

Turkey's status as an Israeli tourist attraction was dimmed in the past three years following the Mavi Marmara incident.

In 2010, Israeli occupation commandos attacked Turkish vessel Mavi Marmara which aimed to break the blockade Israel imposed -and remains- on the Gaza Strip, leaving nine Turkish activists dead.