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Bill to strengthen Jewishness of state reflects extremist mindset, ministry says
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Gaza, ALRAY - Ministry of Education in Gaza said backing an Israeli bill to “strengthen the value of the State of Israel as the Jewish nation-state" in public school education reflects an extremist mindset.

Chairman of Curriculum Committee at the ministry Jamal Abu Hashim told ALRAY that the ministerial committee for legislation’s move is a serious attempt to indoctrinate the Palestinians of 1948 territories and Jerusalem with extremist Jewish tenets.

Giving the Jewish character of the Israeli state shall gradually deny the Palestinian right to Palestine and eventually rejecting their presence in their land , as this character shall deprive the Palestinian refugees of their right of return, he explained in an interview with ALRAY.

Israeli website Haaretz reported on Feb. 9 that “a controversial bill requiring schools to "educate toward strengthening the value of the State of Israel as the Jewish nation-state" won the government's support,”

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli occupation prime minister, has made Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish people's nation-state a key demand in the peace talks.