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After great controversy, Al-Issa takes charge of Prisoners’ Affairs ministry
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Ramallah, ALRAY - At the ministry’s headquarter in Ramallah, Shawqi al-Issa, Tuesday has taken charge of  the Ministry of Prisoners in the presence of  the  Undersecretary of the ministry, its directors and some official figures. 

Al-Issa emphasized importance of the position saying, “this is a ministry with a special importance. It touches the lives of most Palestinians as the majority of Palestinians suffered the bitterness of detention.”

He also stressed the need to exert all efforts to support the Palestinian prisoners and their families, noting that the priority will be for the prisoners who have been on hunger strike for 42 days.

The minister called for taking urgent steps to save the lives of the hunger-strikers and put an end to the Israeli negligence of their health.

Under terms of a deal signed on April 23, the main Palestinian rivals, Fatah and Hamas, agreed to establish a unity cabinet of 17 independent ministers that would organize long-delayed elections.