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In 34th anniversary of Sabra and Shatella massacre...... Massacres against Palestinians continue
The bodies were spread in the camps’ streets, while the Israeli bulldozers entered to destroy the houses in attempt to hide the crime.
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Gaza, ALRAY- On September 16th1982 the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon in Sabra and shatila refugee camps were about to face a new genocide.


The massacre began when the IOF, led by the Israeli late minister of war Ariel Sharon, surrounded the two camps and committed the famous massacre away from the media.


The Israeli forces and their Lebanese alliance  used white weapons to slain  hundreds of people there.


The mission of the IOF was to surround the camp and activate light bombs in its sky to enable the killers to commit their crime easily .  


The IOF and its alliance surrounded Sabra and Shatila camps and sent hundreds of their soldiers as a pretext to capture about 1500 Palestinian fighters, while all the Palestinian fighters were out of the camps.


Women, children, and the olds, who were killed by the gunmen, were the only people in the camps.


The  bodies were spread in the camps’ streets, while the Israeli  bulldozers entered  to destroy the houses in attempt to hide the crime.


The massacre was done as a revenge against the Palestinians who had resisted the Zionist war machine for three months of the siege which ended with international guarantees to protect the people in the camps after the departure of the Palestinian resistance from Beirut; However, the guarantor states hadn't fulfilled their obligations and left the innocents to face  their fate.