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Is Donald Trump capable of achieving what former presidents of America deficit to achieve?
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  • 08:11 23 November 2016
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Gaza, ALRAY - Over the past long years, all presidents of the United States of America were very eager to transfer the US embassy located in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but unfortunately the all attempts were of no avail.

It is worth mentioning that all attempts being made by the all presidents of the Unites states to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem just got mere slogans to win the presidential election of the United States.

Donald Trump has been elected president of the United states, and it is worth saying that he is along the lines of the former presidents of the United States in applying the decision of transferring the embassy to the Palestinian city of Jerusalem.

So the question remains—is Donald Trump capable to transfer the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

“Since the eighties up until today over twenty presidents of the United States have made promises in their election campaigns of transferring the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,” Hani Habib, a political analyst in Gaza, told Alray.

He added that by winning the US presidential election, the elected presidents of the United States didn’t fulfil this decision since the character of the presidents in the election presidential campaign differ from being a president of the United states.

He added that the situation is quite different with the American president-elect Donald Trump than that of the former presidents of the United States because of the distinction of his election theses.

Also, Israeli political possibilities encourage Donald Trump to fulfill his promises.

He confirmed that the Israeli political possibilities are strong, indicating that the US congress approved the law of transferring the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. However, the law has yet applied.

Habib expressed his fear that Trump might resort to apply this decision under the pretext that the US congress has approved it, and that Trump is obliged to apply it.


Habib pointed out that the Arab situation allows all Israeli requirements, proving that there are Arab attempts to openly normalize relations with Israel.

Habib confirmed that any decision Israel is going to take won’t find any reaction capable of postponing it.

Habib noted that the USA exploits the deteriorating situation of the Arab to achieve the Israeli requirements, expressing his fear that the decision might affect the external level through transferring the all embassies located in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Habib said that the Palestinian situation is in crisis and does not being able to face the Israeli requirements, confirming that Palestinian bookmakers are still betting and believing in the United States, and that it will be limited to slogans and condemnations.

Wissam Abu Shamala, a political analyst, said that it is not entitled in any case to any state or person recognizing the legitimacy of the occupation on the land of Jerusalem.

He confirmed that the Palestinians know the strategic alliance and the full extent of the relationship between the occupation and America.

He pointed out that the Palestinians are keen to having a strong relationship with all people of the world, including the American people, in hope of making a change generally in the US policy, and especially in the case of Palestine.

The American embassy law

The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 issued by the US congress stated that Jerusalem must be recognized as the unified capital of Israel, as the American embassy must be transferred from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem no later than May 31, 1999.

However, all the American presidents starting from Bill Clinton up until George Bush have consistently postponed the decision of transferring the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem under a presidential decree issued every six months that postponement the decision serve the security interests of the United States.

It is worth mentioning that the United states of America allow the Palestinians and the Israelis to use passports issued by Jerusalem, not by the Israeli government to inter its lands.