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IOF arrests 24 Palestinians in WB
Occupation forces arrested Wednesday morning about 24 Palestinians in wide-scale raids to the cities of the West Bank.
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces arrested Wednesday morning about 24 Palestinians in wide-scale raids to the cities of the West Bank. 

The Israeli radio quoted the Israeli army as saying that all the Palestinian detainees are charged of being involved in terrorism and disruptive activities. 

The IOF arrested three Palestinian youths from the province of Ramallah, clashes erupted between the Palestinians and the Israeli army. 

 Local sources reported that the IOF stormed Biet Rima village and arrested Ali Arremawi after storming his house and ransacking it. Arremawi was taken to a disclosed location. 

The IOF arrested two Palestinian youths from Um Asharayet town . 

Violent clashes erupted between the Israeli forces and Palestinian youths in Jalazoun camp, the IOF responded by firing tear gas and stun grenades towards the Palestinians; the IOF withdrew from the camp without arresting Palestinians. 

The Israeli forces erected a military checkpoint at the entrance of Dier Bzeigh village to the west of Ramallah. 

 The IOF also closed the entrances of a number of the villages of the West Bank by sand berms
concrete cubes, it also erected iron gates on the entrances of some villages.

Local sources reported that the IOF arrested Hamza Abu Arqoub after storming his house in Dura town to the north of Hebron. 

It also closed Fawar camp to the north of Hebron with an iron gate and banned Palestinians from getting out and in the camp. 

The IOF arrested 11 Palestinians from Taqou' town to the north of Bethlehem, after storming their houses. 

The IOF announced the arrest of four Palestinians from Nour Shams camp in Tulkarm, two from Balata camp, and two from Biet Ameen.

It also arrested two Palestinians from Um Asharayet, one from Biet Reema, and one from Qatna , claiming that they are wanted for its security services.

The IOF arrested the former mayor Tulkarem, Jenin and the member of the Revolutionary Council of Fatah, Major General Talal Dweikat.