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Palestinian Prisoners of Etizon complain severe conditions
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Ramallah, ALRAY – The Palestinian prisoners in Etizon prison complained of harsh living conditions, especially in the cold weather of winter, in addition to the continuing aggressive means by Israeli prison service against them.


This came following the visit of the lawyer of Palestinian Prisoner Society Jacqueline Fararjeh to Etzion, where it showed that they suffer from a lack of hot water and heating, as well as lack of medical follow-up for patients of prisoners in custody.


The prisoner Muhannad Abu sales, 17, from Al-Aroub refugee camp in Hebron suffers of a worsening of his health since his arrest, noting that he had conducted surgery before he was arrested and suffers from cramps and stomach ulcers.


Additionally, the prisoner Ihab Eyad Suleiman, 18, from Beit Fajar town of Bethlehem pointed out that the Israeli occupation forces arrested him from his home after being searched and wreaked the havoc using sniffer dogs, pointing out that they held him in a metal room in one of the settlements without food or drink until noon of the next day.


Earlier, Israeli soldiers assaulted the boy Yazan Mohammed Deriyah, 15, from the town of Beit Fajar, beating on his face, after searching his house and wreaking havoc into it by using sniffer dogs, thereafter he was detained.

It is noteworthy that Israeli occupation detained the three teens at dawn of 9 January this month.