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One Palestinian refugee killed in Syria
One Palestinian refugee killed in Syria
Khan al-Sheikh refugee camp
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Damascus, ALRAY-Action Group for Palestinians of Syria said that Ahmed Mseibis died of injuries he sustained in the bombing of the main court complex in the center of the Syrian capital, Damascus, last week where 32 people were killed and 100 others were wounded.

According to the group, Musibis was a resident of the Rukn al-Din area in Damascus, noting that he was the second Palestinian victim in this bombing.

It is noteworthy that the number of Palestinian refugees who were killed during the war in Syria reached to "3466" refugees, according to documented statistics of the group.

The working group stressed that the Syrian regime continues to impose a suffocating siege on the Khan al-Sheikh refugee camp in the western suburbs of Damascus, despite the reconciliation agreement between it and the armed groups that left the area.

According to the group, the regime tightens its security grip on the camp and impose siege on it, preventing the entry of medicine, gas, fuel and batteries used for lighting.