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Hamas: We will continue our legal struggle
Hamas: We will continue our legal struggle
The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas)
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) responded to the decision of the European Court of Justice that it will go ahead in challenging the unjust political decisions against our people and the right of the movement itself legally.

Hamas stressed that it considered international judiciary as battle fields that must be fought to defend the rights of our people against Zionist slanders and those who support them .

The movement said in a press statement on Wednesday that it is well aware of the extent of political and media support for Zionist entity in Western institutions, as well as the size of popular growing support for Palestinian issue, which angers the Zionist entity and its supporters.

The movement stressed that it would remain under all circumstances, whatever the legal provisions, loyal to its conscious political line defending the rights of its people without any concession of the land of Palestine or any of the rights, adhering to Islamic and humanitarian values that refuse to target civilians or innocent people or transferring the battle outside the homeland.

Despite the criminal and racist policies practiced by the Zionist occupation, the most recent aggression on the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The movement stated that the European Court of Justice had issued a decision to return the case of removing Hamas from the European terror list to the European Court of First Instance, which had issued a decision in 2014 to remove the name Hamas from the terrorist lists.

Hamas explained that the court said it did not want to issue a ruling in the case because the court of first instance did not respond to the eight objections filed by the movement to the court and therefore the court does not have sufficient information to give a ruling in the case.

The decision came after the European Union Council appealed the decision of the Court of First Instance and its request to put the name of the movement on the European terror lists. 

However, the court refused to put the name of the movement on the terrorist lists and returned the case to the court of first instance.

On September 23, 2016, the Attorney General of the European Court, Elinor Chapestone, issued a legal opinion in favor of removing the name of the movement from the terrorist lists, as there is no legal support for this.

Hamas movement pointed out that the Zionist media tried to show that the decision was in favor of its point of view and it was decided to keep the movement on the European terror lists based on a press statement issued by the court contrary to the text of the legal decision.

The movement stressed that the legal logic led to the Court to go on the same line as the court of first instance, and the report of the Attorney General instead of wasting time and effort and the issuance of judgments drawn by the balances and political calculations.