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Endeavors to house 3,000 settlers in Negev, Galilee
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - The Jewish Agency’s Settlement Department has been planning to establish new Jewish towns in occupied Galilee and Negev in order to house 3,000 Israeli settlers, after it froze similar plans three years ago.

The department stated that the aim to set up such towns is to express Israeli sovereignty over Galilee and Negev, and to create a significant demographic balance.

Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported on Monday that these plans clearly contradict the Qatari ones, which would expand the existing towns, not establishing new ones.

According to the new plans published recently by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development headed by the Israeli minister and member of the ultra-right Jewish House Party, the new towns will be established around existing ones, among them towns of Belch and Tuval, west of Majd al-Krum, and Ashhar and Yuvalim towns, north of Sakhnin town.