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Al-Jazeera broadcasts IOF’s scandal near Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY- Al-Jazeera satellite channel published on Sunday night exclusive footage shows the Israeli soldiers’ failure and lack of readiness in dealing with accidental incidents they may face.

The footage is focusing on how the Israeli soldiers have dealt in late July with the rollover accident of an Israeli jeep in the vicinity of the Kissufim military site, in central sieged Gaza Strip.

In the details, the Israeli jeep turned over at around 6:11 pm on July 19; the IOF claimed at that time that a well-trained unit to evacuate the wounded have dealt with the incident, which lift a soldier killed and another wounded.

However, the footage broadcasted by Al-Jazeera last night exposed the Israeli narrative’s lie, and its intentional concealment of the facts that represented the primitive way of the Israeli soldiers in dealing with incident.

It is clear from the footage that two Israeli vehicles rushed to the scene of the accident immediately, and they followed by a third vehicle with no military aid access or fire Truck at the scene for a long time.

The soldiers gathered around the jeep in a primitive and random way. They took out the first soldier, who was wounded, after 17 minutes.

27 minutes later, they took out the second soldier, who died at their hands. Firefighters arrived 40 minutes later after the accident.

Tamer Al-Mishal in his report on Al-Jazeera wondered that If this is the case of the IOF in times of calm, how it will be in times of war?