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Settlement evacuation is impossible, Netanyahu
Settlement evacuation is impossible, Netanyahu
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY – The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated that his government wouldn't evacuate settlements in the West Bank under any circumstances, saying that the occupation will last forever.

During Yubeel Celebrations for Settlements Construction north of the West bank, the Prime Minister said that there would be no withdrawal from the West Bank.

He also commented, "this is our grandfathers and grandmothers' homeland, we were promised by God to settle here, and there won't be any evacuation from the land of Israel at all. The evacuation of settlements will not help us reach any peace treaty; we once tried, and in return we got rockets."

He also mentioned another reason why his people won't leave the West Bank. The West Bank is a 'strategic treasure', and it's the place where we aim to establish our state.

The PM is also afraid of any Islamic extremists dwelling the mountains of the West Bank and posing threats against Ben Gurion Airport or Israel as a whole.

It's worth mentioning that the PM ratified the construction of thousands of settlements and approved the bill of seizing hundreds of plots of land from Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank.