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Haniyeh: Egypt-Hamas talks address several key issues
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Gaza, ALRAY - After Hamas delegation had returned from Cairo, leader of Hamas movement Ismael Haniyeh made a brief speech, revealing the course of a series of talks held in Egypt with Egyptian officials.

Haniyeh said in his speech upon his arrival at Rafah crossing that the delegation’s visit to Egypt was so important and successful, stressing the significant role of Egypt that it attaches to people of Palestinian and the Palestinian cause.

Haniyeh expressed his gratitude for the Egyptian Authorities, particularly director of the General Intelligence Directorate Khaled Fawzy, for hosting the movement’s delegation and for its tremendous efforts to achieve the Palestinian national reconciliation.

Haniyeh noted that the Egypt-Hamas talks have addressed several key issues, first of which was reviewing the developments in the political situation of the region in general and the Palestinian territories in Particular.

Haniyeh explained that Hamas has laid, through its latest visit to Egypt, strategic foundations for strong bilateral relations with the country.

He indicated that reviewing the security situation on Egypt’s frontier with Gaza was another key issue that both parties brought to table at latest Egypt-Hamas talks, stressing that Egypt’s national security is of great importance to his movement, and that Egypt has always been a supporting force to Palestine and the Arab world.

Haniyeh said that one of the top priorities for Hamas’s delegation to Cairo was to find ways to alleviate the decade-long blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip, hoping that the latest visit will has tangible results for the people of Gaza.

The Hamas leader added that the settlement activity and the unjust Israeli policies pursued against the Palestinian people in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank were among the key issues raised during the talks.

According to Haniyeh, Hamas has made the right decision without any tradeoffs by its announcement of dismantling the Administrative committee that was running the Gaza Strip, calling on the Palestinian unity government to exercise its power in the Strip immediately and accepting the idea of holding Palestinian General elections, in order to promote the reconciliation efforts with the Palestinian Authority.

He added that the movement agreed to have bilateral meetings held in Cairo with Fatah, days after the arrival of the Palestinian unity government to Gaza to confer about key issues and prepare for another meeting that involves all Palestinian factions to discuss the implementations of the Cairo agreements.

Haniyeh said that he spoke with Abbas by phone, telling him: “We made the decision of dismantling the Administrative committee with full awareness and credibility and our people expect you to suspend and cancel the measures and begin a dialogue.”

He concluded by saying that this is the first meeting held in Cairo that brings together leaders of Hamas from Gaza, West Bank and the Diaspora, stressing that Hamas, which is approaching the 30th anniversary of its inception, is still united and adherent to the Palestinian national constants.