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Occupation demolishes Araqib for 121 times
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Occupied Negev, ALRAY-Israeli occupation forces demolished Thursday morning the village of Al-Araqib, for the 121 time.

"The bulldozers of the occupation, supported by dozens of police vehicles and special forces," YOUB "stormed the village this morning, evacuated the houses and demolished them completely, said activist Salim al-Araqib.

He confirmed that a large force tried to take a wheel chair from an elderly sick woman after demolishing her house.

Al-Araqib is a Palestinian village located to the north of the city of Beersheba in the Negev Desert (south of occupied Palestine). It is one of the 51 Arab villages in Negev that are not recognized by the Israeli occupation authorities and which are continuously targeted by demolishing and displacing its residents for the benefit of Jews in Negev.

The village was completely demolished for the first time by Israeli bulldozers on 27 July 2010, where dozens of houses were demolished and hundreds of residents displaced, under the pretext of building without a permit.

The occupation authorities force the villagers to pay fines of millions of dollars as a compensation of the mechanisms that destroy the village and the forces that participate in the demolitions