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Israeli navy attacks fishing boats off Beit Lahia coast
  • Gaza News
  • 10:11 16 November 2017
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North Gaza strip, ALRAY-Israeli occupation navy opened fire  on Thursday towards Palestinian fishermen's boats off Beit Lahia coast in the northern Gaza Strip.

Local sources pointed out that the Israeli navy targeted Palestinian fishing boats  with heavy fires in order to prevent them from fishing even though within the allowed fishing distance of 6 nautical miles.

The Israeli occupation navy always  attacks Gazan fishermen and their fishing boats as a part of Israel’s blocked  of the Gaza Strip, which imposed restrictions on the Gaza fishing zone that deprives the fishers of their right to work and puts fishermen’s life and wellbeing at serious risk.

The attacks include violations of the right to livelihood, harassment and shooting, arbitrary arrest and detention that involves abuse, and confiscation of property including fishing boats and nets.

The IOF use cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment during fishermen arrests. In 2013, the IOF carried out 147 attacks against fishermen, injuring 10, arresting 22, confiscating 9 boats, and destroying extensive amounts of fishing equipment