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Shift decrease in the rate of recruitment in Israeli combat brigades
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Gaza, ALRAY - Official statics of Israeli army revealed that the recruitment rates of military combat units for this year is the lowest since 10 years, Israel Hayom paper revealed. 

The paper reported that the recruitment rate for combat units is lower than the rates that followed the Second Lebanon War in 2006, at that time reached 66% of the recruits, while the army currently refuses to announce the percentage of soldiers wishing to recruit for combat units.

The paper quoted a military sources as saying that the soldiers prefers to serve in the air defenses of the Golani Brigade, and the Home Front instead of the Givati Brigade, and the Border Guard instead of the Kfir Brigade, stressing the need to find the reason that stands behind the soldiers' reluctance to the military field units.

The Israeli army put a strategic plan to encourage the students in military schools to recruit in the combat units. It put a systematic plan to encourage them during their eleventh and twelfth grades. 

Observers attributes the low recruitment rates in the combat brigades in the Israeli army to the painful attacks that it sustained during the war it waged. 

Others saw that the last war on Gaza Strip played a major role in decrease the rate of recruitment in the combat brigades. It also indicated to the calls of families of soldiers missed in the Gaza Strip the parents not to send their children to serve in combat brigades for fear of meet the same fate of their sons. 

According to Israeli army revealing about 66 Israeli soldiers and 6 settlers killed in the 2014 war against Gaza.