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Trump intends to recognize Jerusalem as “Israel’s capital”
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Gaza, ALRAY - United States officials stated that US president Donald Trump is to formally declare, in a speech to be held on Wednesday evening, the occupied Palestinian city of Jerusalem as “Israel’s capital”, with relocating the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem during the coming years without specifying a timeline for relocation.


The officials added that this move is, in fact, a recognition of two realities: a historical one that Jerusalem is a religious capital of the Jewish people, and another one that Jerusalem is considered as the center of the Israeli government.


They indicated that Trump will also instruct, during his forthcoming speech, the US Department of State to develop a plan of transferring the embassy to Jerusalem, pointing that this decision is on recommendation of The US team overseeing the peace process led by Senior Advisor and Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner and US representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt.


The officials noted that Trump will confirmed his commitment to the peace process and the principle of a two-state solution as well.


Earlier, the White House stated that Trump will deliver a speech on Jerusalem on Wednesday evening, adding that Trump held multiple phone calls with Arab leaders and Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu about his decision to relocate US Embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing it as the capital of “Israel”.