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US House of Representatives passes bill to reduce financial aid to PA
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Gaza, ALRAY - The US House of Representatives passed a bill that reduces $ 300 million of the annual aid to the Palestinian Authority in a try to prevent it from paying the financial allocations to Palestinian families of martyrs and prisoners. 

The house named the law "Taylor Force" after the US soldier Taylor Force ,29, who killed in a stabbing attack carried out by a Palestinian during his visit to the Israeli entity last year.

It explained that the house aimed to force the PA to stop the payments that described by lawmakers as reward for violent crimes. 

The US bill targeted the PA salaries to families of Palestinians that Israel killed or arrested. 

The United States Senate must approve the bill to become a law, before the US president signed on it. 

Two Senate committees passed similar legislation, but there are no reports of when the Senate will consider the bill.

Legislation passed by the House of Representatives has been amended to allow for exceptions such as continued funding for water projects and child vaccines.