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Israeli occupation searches for solutions for “flying- kites with Molotov”
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Gaza, ALRAY - Media sources reported that the Israeli occupation forces are trying to find solutions for flying kites with Molotov cocktails attached to them fly by Palestinians near Gaza borders.

According Ynet, Palestinians keep flying kites causing fires east of Gaza Strip.  

 “The public is asked to be alert and to report any unusual fire incident,” The Eshkol Regional Council’s said.

The Israeli army spokesman’s office said on Sunday that three kites with Molotov cocktails attached to them have been located, and that two of them started fires near the border fence.

In recent weeks, tens of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have participated in demonstrations at several locations along the Israeli border fence.

Thirty-four Palestinians have been killed by Israeli army weapons fired near the border fence and more than 3,000 have been wounded by live weapons fire.

In last Friday’s protests, one Palestinian was killed and more than 230 wounded.