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All Palestine to rise up in protest against Begin-Prawer Plan
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Gaza, Alray - Arab political parties and youth groups in pre-1948 Palestine, the West Bank the Gaza Strip called for a wide participation in the anger strike next Monday, July 15th in support of the residents of the Negev standing up against Begin-Prawer Plan which targets the Arab presence in the occupied Negev.

It is expected that rallies all over Palestine go down streets to denounce the plan whereby nearly an area of 800 thousand square kilometers will be confiscated, 40 thousand Palestinians displaced, about 45 Palestinian villages demolished.

High Follow-up Committee for the Arab Masses in Pre-1948 confirmed the call for the anger strike during a meeting attended by representatives of political and public forces and in the municipal council of Kawkab Abu al-Heija town.

Secretary General of National Democratic Alliance Awad Abdel Fattah pointed to the threats of the prawer plan, and to the need of a united work for the Arab of pre-1948 Palestine particular in this stage which is witnessing increasing challenges and unprecedented escalation against the Arab of (Israel).

In the same vein, the People's Committee members met in Sakhnin in the presence of the mayor Mazen Ghanayim, where they took a decision to continue mobilizing the Arab masses for the general strike.

The participants stressed that the battle for land and housing had been launched and should continue, especially as they challenge one of the most heated issues of the Arab inside 1948 Palestine.

They decided to call on all citizens and institutions in the town to comply with the decisions of the committee and commit to the strike not to support only the Negev, but all national issues also.