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The prisoner Sami Abu Diak died of cancer in Israeli jails
The prisoner Sami Abu Diak died of cancer in Israeli jails
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West Bank, ALRAY -  state of range overwhelmed the Israeli prisons, as IPS announced Tuesday the death of the prisoners Sami Abu Diak, who suffers cancer.

The commission of detainees and ex-detainees' affairs announced in a statement the death of the prisoner Sami Abu Diak,36, in Arramlah clinic.

Sami Abu Diak, 36, who sentenced to three life imprisonments and another 30 years in prison, suffered from intestinal cancer, kidney failure and lung failure.

Prisoners club in Ramallah hold the Israeli prison services the responsibility of Diak illness, it stated that the deliberate medical negligence that IPS uses as a type of torture caused cancer to Diak. In 2015, Diak subjected to a surgery in the Israeli hospital "Soroka", where part of his intestine was removed, and as a result of his frequent transport through the so-called "Al-Bosta" vehicle, which represents another journey of torment, his blood was poisoned causing a kidney and pulmonary failure.

After that he subjected to three surgeries and remained under the influence of the drug for a month and connected to artificial respirators until he was later diagnosed with cancer.

Abu Diak, from Silat al-Dahr village in Jenin, was arrested on 17 July 2002 on charges of resisting the occupation. He was sentenced to three life imprisonments and 30 years. His brother Samer was also arrested on charges of resisting occupation and sentenced to life imprisonment. He escorted his brother Sami in Ramala prison clinic.

The prisoner club stressed that despite all tries to release Abu Diak were in vain, IPS refused to release him despite it certainty that he had reached the final stage of the disease and kept him in the Ramla clinic. It  had appointed a hearing on December 2 to consider the early release.

Diak wrote in the last letter that" I count down my last days in life, I want to spent my last few days with my family, I want to breath my last breath among them, not handcuffed in prison , in front of a jailer that delights in our pain and suffering."

Abu Diak is the second sick prisoner, who dead due to medical negligence in 2019, the sick prisoner Bassam Assayeh dead on 8 September 2019. The number of Palestinian detainees who dead in Israeli jails since 1967 is up to 222 martyrs, 67 dead of medical negligence.  

The Prisoners Club held the Israeli occupation authorities fully responsible for the killing of the prisoner Abu Diak through the systematic torture policies, including the policy of medical negligence, which uses the right to treatment as a tool for the abuse of the prisoner. Dozens of prisoners have been waiting for years for surgery, and some have reached a stage where it is difficult to provide treatment.