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Israeli forces storm school near Nablus using military mission as pretext
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Gaza, Alray - Palestinian official sources reported that Israeli forces stormed on Tuesday one of the schools near Nablus in the northern West Bank and took over one of the classrooms, on the pretext of having a military mission.

Ministry of Education in Ramallah said in a statement that "the school guard found out as he is patroling the classrooms a group of Israeli soldiers inside a room on the second floor, with several devices on the room's chairs and windows, while military forces present at the school yards ordered the representatives of the Directorate of Education and the school headmaster to leave".

"The Israeli officer directed that everyone, after photocopying their identity cards, leave the school at gunpoint," the ministry explained, adding that "they were threatened that their phone calls are recorded and that any person is subject to arrest if he publishes news or informs any person of what they experienced,"

The school and its mosque, the statement pointed out, had been subjected to several break-ins and arson attacks by Israeli settlers who once sprayed racist graffiti on the mosque's walls." it said.