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Islamic Movement in pre-1948 Palestine denounces Rabea al-Adawiya Square massacre
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Gaza, Alray - Islamic Movement in pre-1948 Palestine denounced “the massacre of chef of ‎Supreme Counsil of Armed Forces (SCAF) Al Sissi’s gangs and thugs against anti-coup, peaceful ‎protesters who took to the streets in support of the legitimacy hijacked by pro-coup groups ‎governed by the logic of force and bullying,”‎

The movement said Saturday in a briefing “this massacre is a disgrace to the advocates of the ‎vaunted democracy and liberalism in the East and the West, who supported Al-Sissi’s approach ‎by their deed or silence, which calls to mind the commonly cited approach of late Libyan ‎President al-Gaddafi."

‎ ‎"What al Sissi should not be unaware of is that injustice does not last long,” the statement ‎concluded.  

‎ About 120 Egyptians have been killed and about 4,500 injured in the early morning in the attack ‎carried out by security forces and thugs against peaceful anti-coup protesters on the fringes of ‎the Rabea Adawiya square in Cairo where hundreds of thousands have been holding a sit-in ‎for more than a month. ‎