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Israeli forces arrest 3 farmers in Hebron
Israeli forces arrest 3 farmers in Hebron
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Gaza, Alray - Israeli occupation forces arrested Saturday three farmers while stood in the face of settlers who broke into their land south of Hebron.

Farmer Khaled Awad said "Israeli forces arrested his brothers Said, 43, Jamil, 47,  and Mohamed,19, after being prevented from entering the land under the pretext that it is a military zone."

He added that "dozens of settlers from the Mitzpe Yair settlement built on the lands of eastern Yatta south of Hebron, and Israeli soldiers accompanied by inspectors from so-called "Civil Administration" have beaten the farmers and cattle herders and solidarity activists while in the land located in Khirbet "Aqoyues" with an area of ​​266 dunums.

Coordinator of the Popular Committees Against the Wall and Settlement in eastern Yatta Ratib Jabour said "Israeli court had issued a ruling to return the land to its Palestinian owners, but Israeli forces did not carry out the decision and have prevented them from entering their land for years."

In the same vein, Israeli forces raided Aroub refugee camp north of Hebron and arrested Ibrahim Abu Hashhash25, according to locals.

The sources added that "the forces raided Jabal Abu Rumman and Hariya villages in the city of Hebron, and erected barriers at the entrances to the northwardtowns of Seir, Halhul, and al-Fawwar and to Khursa village to the south, crippling movement of Palestinian citizens.