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Fatah rally in Ramallah in support of Egypt's Sisi
Fatah rally in Ramallah in support of Egypt's Sisi
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Gaza, Alray - Fatah movement organized Friday evening a rally attended by dozens to support the Egyptian Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and to refuse Palestinian government's closing of the Al-Arabiya TV and Maan Agency offices in Gaza City.

The rally gathered in Ramallah's central Square of al-Manara chanted pro-coup slogans and calls to Sisi to crack down on supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, Safa Agency reported.

The participants called to grant Palestinian citizenship to Sisi.

They accused the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt of trying to "drag Egypt into the furnace of the civil war."

Fatah leaders had warned before against inteferring in Egyptian affairs, and demanded Hamas to do so.

Spokesman for Palestinian government in Gaza Ihab Al-Ghusain condemned Saturday afternoon Fatah's black policy of interfernce in Egypt's problems, which may found the Palestinians doomed to the dark depths of the tunnel,"

Al-Ghusain said in a facebook post that "as Fatah marches took to the streets in the West Bank to support the killing in Egypt, and given that Fatah spokesmen released statements supporting Egypt's massacres, and demanding the elimination of Palestinian resistance, meanwhile, proven reports found Fatah and its security system and its embassy in Cairo security involved in the media defamation campaign against the Gaza Strip.. then what Fatah movement is doing reflects the degenerate culture the movement has adopted; a culture that insists on driving the Palestinian people and their cause in the dark direction."

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