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Fatah security officer associate of Dahlan captured in the Sinai
Fired veteran Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan
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Gaza, Alray - Egyptian security sources said the Egyptian army captured PA preventive security officer called Sheikh Fathi al-Falastini in the Egyptian Rafah city.

“The officer living in Safa neighbourhood grew a beard and became known as Sheikh Fathi, an Islamic propagator.”Al-Sharq al-Awsat news agency reported.

“The army searching his house found documents which they billed as dangerous, as well as plans for a number of elements and mercenaries in Rafah and Sheikh Zweid. They also found pictures of Safa and Ahrash army camps as well as sums of cash.”

About 200 security officers loyal to Mohmmad Dahlan fled the Gaza Strip into the Sinai in 2006 when Hamas took over in the Strip.

The PA in Ramallah arranged for their stay with the Egyptian authorities and still pays them their salaries through the Palestinian Embassy in Egypt.