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Ashrawi denounces Israeli minister of industry's statement "Palestinian Prisoners Must Be Killed"
Dr. Ashrawi
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Gaza, Alray - PLO Executive Committee member, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, denounced Israeli minister of industry Neftali Bennett's statements about Palestinian prisoners 'If you catch terrorists, you have to simply kill them.'

Bennett also declared that he has 'killed lots of Arabs' in his life and that 'there's no problem with that.' PNN reported Saturday.

Dr. Ashrawi stressed, "It is astounding that Neftali Bennett, a government official and Knesset member, has a complete disregard for due process, human rights, and the value of life."

"What makes it even more chilling and disturbing is the fact that Bennett believes that it is acceptable to imply that the killing of Palestinians is an ordinary event that Israelis should indulge in with equanimity and undeterred by any moral or legal consideration." she added.

"Such horrific statements betray a culture of hate and racism, even at the highest executive level, which is the outcome of decades of Israeli military occupation with impunity and the deliberate dehumanization of its Palestinian victims," concluded Dr. Ashrawi.