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Rafah crossing closed for 3 day in both directions
Rafah crossing closed for 3 day in both directions
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Gaza, Alray - Egyptian authorities continue to close the Rafah border crossing in both directions for the third day in a row, citing the deteriorating security situation in the country, especially in North Sinai Governorate.

The Egyptian authorities announced, without a prior notice, on Thursday that Rafah crossing in the southern Gaza Strip is closed until further notice.

Director General of Border Crossings Administration Maher Abu Sabha said in an earlier statement that “the Egyptian side informed them Thursday morning of the decision to close the crossing in both directions until further notice, due to security instability in Egypt,”

Abu Sabha pointed out that coordination with the Egyptian side is being made day to day, explaining that "we are not aware of whether the crossing will be open tomorrow or not, as well as for the coming days."

Governorates of Egypt saw escalating clashes during the past few days following the Egyptian security forces’ abrupt dispersing of the Rabia Al Adawiya and Al Nahda sit-ins, which led to thousands of killings and injuries among the pro-Morsi protesters.