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Activists break hole in Separation Wall in east Jerusalem
Israeli forces guard a hole broken in the Israeli separation wall (archive)
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Gaza, Alray - A number of Palestinian young men have managed to break a hole in a brick ‎section of the ‎Separation Wall in Ras Kabsa area between Al-Eizariya (Bethany) and Abu Dis ‎town in ‎occupied east Jerusalem.‎

‎ Spokesman for the Popular Committee against Wall and Settlement in Abu Dis ‎Hani ‎Halabiya said "a large number of activists from Abu Dis and Bethany town set fire to tires ‎near ‎the apartheid wall at Al Amal gate to open a hole in the wall," ‎

‎ “The occupation forces deployed after the opening, and fired tear gas, live ammunition and ‎ ‎rubber-coated steel bullets on the Palestinians and the neighboring houses,” he added. ‎

‎ Halabiya said a large number of citizens suffered from suffocation during the clashes ‎which ‎lasted until Saturday at 6:00 AM.‎