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Center: administrative detainees to develop open hunger strike in Israeli jails
Sit-in held before UN premises in Ramallah demands end of poitical detention (archive)
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Gaza, Alray - Administrative detainees in Israeli jails would initiate protests to be developed to an open ‎hunger strike at early October.

‎Ahrar Center for Prisoners Studies and Human Rights Saturday said in a report “The detainees in Ofer and Negev prison have considered this position after ‎months of careful deliberations,”‎

‎“The detainees -many of them recently freed- are fed up with the miserable situation they have been ‎through; Israel’s revolving-door policy which gives them some time out ‎after they are jailed in prisons again got them into thinking of such a move,” ‎the report revealed. ‎

“They need popular support and media interaction with their ‎cause in order that their hunger strike comes up with their release and thus ‎ending their plight,”‎ it added.

More than 180 administrative detainees languish in Israeli jails, most of ‎whom in the Negev desert prison, while Ofer prison comes second in the number. ‎