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All factions welcomed to take part in Gaza rule: Haniyeh
All factions welcomed to take part in Gaza rule: Haniyeh
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Gaza, Alray - The Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh urged all factions and groups to take part in the management of Gaza until achieving reconciliation.

Speaking at a ceremony in Gaza City on Wednesday , Haniyeh stressed that no sole faction or organization can monopolize Palestine, as it belongs to all Palestinians.

"We are in a stage of national liberation, and we don't have an independent state or stable systems. National liberation stages have their own rules and we shouldn’t exclude anybody as we must benefit from everybody’s efforts."

Haniyeh said Palestinians should not talk about rebellion against each other.

"We hear some callings for rebellion. I am with rebellion but against the occupation as we are all rebellious people against the occupier, disgrace, ignominy and siege."

The Palestinian  Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine(PFLP) welcomed Haniyeh’s invitation describing it as “positive” step and an entrance for achieving the national unity.

A senior member of the political bureau of the PFLP Rabah Mhanna said in a statement that PFLP always  called for conducting elections and respecting freedom , adding that this could be the way to achieve reconciliation.