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1 killed, 2 wounded in clashes between Fatah affiliates, security forces in Nablus
1 killed, 2 wounded in clashes between Fatah affiliates, security forces in Nablus
The victim's relatives set fire to tires and cars-Safa Press
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Gaza, Alray - One man was killed and three others injured on Tuesday evening following clashes between Palestinian security services and Fatah affiliates in the Askar refugee camp in Nablus.

Amjad Aouda, 37, was killed during the clashes that took place between the security forces and Fatah elements in the Askar refugee camp as the security services attempted to arrest one of the Fatah armed wing in the camp.

"The security forces stormed the camp and surrounded the house of one Fatah member of the offshoot known as 'Fatah Hawks'", Safa Press reporter said, pointing out that the people in the camp stood up to and threw stones at them.

Ibrahim Shkukani, 22, was shot in the thigh and evacuated to the hospital.

He explained that "the killed, is from the Balata refugee camp, was a passer-by at the time of the incident," adding that "the family of the victim retaliated by burning a police car and ignited tiress in the main streets and set fire to offices of the security services in Balata and Askar camps,"

For his part, spokesman of the security services Adnan Al-Damiri said "an investigation is under way to find out the circumstances of the killing,"

"We ordered the arrest of a wanted-to-justice citizen from the Askar refugee camp; when the force entered the camp and arrested him, they were surprised by shooting and stone throwing, then they fired back warning shots in the air for self-defense," he told 'Wafa News Agency.

"After the force cleared the scene, it was to our surprise that one man dead and others wounded," he indicated.

Damiri confirmed that "the investigation is underway to figure out how the killed was shot in the head," and that "Aouda is innocent."