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Gaza prisoner ends his hunger strike in return for eye operation
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Gaza, Alray - Palestinian prisoner Hisham El-Shaer from Khanyounis southern the Gaza Strip, sentenced eight years in Nafha Prison, ended his hunger strike after the Israeli Prison Service(IPS) pledged to let him conduct a surgery in his eye.

The prisoner's mother told Alray on Sunday that her brother signed a deal with the IPS to end his strike in return for conducting an operation in his eyes during this month.

Director of  Mohjat Al-Quds Foundation Yaser Saleh praised El-Shaer and described his victory as being a national achievement, adding," by their determination, prisoners smashed several policies practiced against them by the IPS including the solitary confinement, family visits, medical negligence and administrative detention.                      

El-Shaer launched his hunger strike last month but the IPS ignored his demands and retreated its promises to let him make a surgery, according to Mohjat Al-Quds Foundation.