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Israel to close Ibrahimi Mosque to Palestinians for two days
Ibrahimi Mosque
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Gaza, Alray - Israeli authorities decided to close the Ibrahimi Mosque for two days to Palestinians citing Jewish holidays.

"The Israeli authorities decided to close the Ibrahimi Mosque, its corridors, and courtyards on Thursday and Friday to Muslim worshipers under the pretext of allowing settlers to perform Talmudic rituals celebrating 'New Year's Eve Hebrew'," said Palestinian officials of Ministry of Religious Affairs in Hebron.

The Israeli authorities imposed a security cordon in the vicinity of the mosque, and closed military checkpoints between the mosque and the old town neighborhoods ', they also have recently banned the Muslim calls for prayers.

The settlers coming from the West Bank settlements to celebrate the holiday deliberately carry out provocative roaming operations in the neighborhoods of the old town, and visit ancient Palestinian sites citing that they are Jewish shrines in the heart of the city.