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Israeli writer: We used internationally-prohibited weapons, left unpunished
Israeli writer: We used internationally-prohibited weapons, left unpunished
Phosphorous shell explosion used against civilians during 2008 war on Gaza
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Gaza, Alray - Israeli writer wondered "why the world did not raise a finger when Israel used weapons prohibited by international law -white phosphorous and flechette rounds- against a civilian population in Gaza, and cluster munitions in Lebanon, while wanting to attack Syria fir using the same weapons!"

Gideon Levy also wondered in his article published in Haaretz newspaper "What would happen If Israel were to use chemical weapons? Would the United States also say to attack it? And what would happen if the United States itself used such measures?"

In his attempt to highlight the international double-standard policy, he said "few words are needed to describe the weapons of mass destruction used by the United States, from the nuclear bombs in Japan to napalm in Vietnam,"

"…no one can seriously think that an American attack on the President Bashar Assad regime stems from moral considerations," he added.

The writer thought that "most Israelis who support an attack – 67 percent, according to a survey by the daily Israel Hayom – are out motivated by concern for the well-being of Syria’s citizens;  the guiding principle is completely foreign: Strike the Arabs; it doesn’t matter why, it just matters how much – a lot," the writer clarified.

He believed that United States can never be a moral superpower "the country responsible for the most bloodshed since World War II – some say as many as 8 million dead at its hands – in Southeast Asia, South America, Afghanistan and Iraq – cannot be considered a “moral power,”

"Neither can the country in which a quarter of the world’s prisoners are incarcerated; where the percentage of prisoners is greater than in China and Russia; and where 1,342 people have been executed since 1976," he said.

"The attack on its way will be Iraq II. The United States - which was never punished for the lies of Iraq I and the hundreds of thousands who died in vain in that war - says a similar war should be launched. Once again without a smoking gun, with only partial evidence, and with red lines that President Barack Obama himself drew, and now he is obliged to keep his word…"