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IPS conducts repressive measures against Palestinian prisoners in Majeddo Prison
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Gaza, Alray - Israeli forces conducted a repressive campaign against the Palestinian prisoners in Majeddo prison, section 6 in particular, Prisoners Club reported.

The Israeli Prison Service(IPS) isolated a number of Palestinian prisoners after they protested, in solidarity with patients, by returning their meals.

The prisoners who were transferred to different jails included Ashraf Kabha, Mohammed Kabha, Abdullah Wallad Ali, Billal Al-Sharqawi, Yai'sh Kabha and Mohammed Zaghloul.

The club pointed out that the IPS announced a state of alert, then attacked the section accompanied by 150 Israeli soldiers.

The IPS ended the isolation of Ashraf Kabha, Mohammed Kabha, Majdi Abu El-Rab while keeping Abu Fayrouz, Walad Ali and Yai'sh Kabha in solitary confinment, they added.