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Jerusalem court convicts three Jerusalemites of boosting terror ideology
Israel District Court of Jerusalem
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Gaza, Alray - District Court of Jerusalem  indicted  three Jerusalemites of boosting  what it called  terror group's popularity among  Muslim population in Jerusalem through various educational and  welfare activities.

Ynet site reported that  Jacob Abu Assab, Qefah Sarhan and Ahmad Aliyan were part of the effort to establish Hamas' social infrastructure in Jerusalem. According to the indictment and ruling, the three served as the heads of Hamas' advisory council in Jerusalem and worked to boost Hamas' popularity among Muslim population in Jerusalem  by promoting diverse activities in the fields of education, welfare and religious services.

Israel, the United States, Canada, the European Union, and Japan classify Hamas as a terrorist organization, while many other countries including Iran, Russia, Turkey, and Arab nations do not.

Israel police forces launched frequently arresting campaign against Jerusalemites, accusing them of affiliating to one of Palestinian resistance group.