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Maariv: Number of Jews praying inside Al-Aqsa Mosque is rising
Maariv: Number of Jews praying inside Al-Aqsa Mosque is rising
Jewish settlers desecrating Al-Aqsa Holy Mosque
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Gaza, ALRAY - “The number of Jewish extremists performing rituals inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque courtyards is growing,” the Israeli Maariv newspaper reported.

It said in its Friday edition that “the Jews have received instructions from Jewish organizations wanting to take over the Mosque through performing prayers without moving, so that the Israeli police stationed in the plazas do not notice them,”

The newspaper indicated that “the number of Jews who stormed the courtyards of the the Mosque rose significantly,” and that “they are making prayers though prevented from doing so,”

It is expected that thousands of Jews storm Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound during the Jewish holidays ending of late this month, the Maariv added. 

Israeli internal security minister told Deputy Speaker of the Knesset that the police will not allow Arab children to play football inside the Mosque courtyards as usual, at the request of right-wing MKs, who claimed that Palestinian children are playing in a holy place for the Jews, according the newspaper report. 

The Israeli police have tightened security measures in occupied Jerusalem, and barred on Friday men under the age of 45 from praying in the Mosque.