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Israeli court sentences 8 Jerusalemites of actual imprisonment
Ameir Al- Debs during the trial
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Gaza, Alray - District Court in Israel sentenced  on Monday 8 Jerusalemites including minors of actual imprisonment vary between 17 years and 44 months, Silwen Center reported.

It added that the District Court sentenced Ahmed Sandouqa to 44 months and 12 months suspended , Ahmed Shehadeh to 24 months , Ahmed Al-Taweel  to 24 months , Haitham Al- Tarteir to 27 months , Ameir Al- Debs to 29 months, Hamza Al-Debs  25 months and  nine months suspended and Malik Moheisen to 33 months and 10 months suspended.

The Israeli Military Forces  have arrested them since last November on charges of throwing Molotov cocktail at a military checkpoint in Shuafat  camp to the north-east of Jerusalem.