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West Bank settler growth is 3 times the Israeli rate: 2012 Statics
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Gaza, ALRAY - Central Bureau of Statistics Center said the number of Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank has risen by 5%, an increase at three times the rate of population growth in (Israel) which is 1.9%.

The Center indicated that the number of settlers in 2012 reached about 341 400, an increase by 16.200.

The number of births, who numbered 11100, constituted nearly 68.5% of the population, while the remaining increase of 31.5% was due to the relocating of 5100 Israelis to settlements.

In 2009, the number of settlers living in the occupied West Bank amounted to 296.700, while in 2011, they numbered 325.200.

More than half of the settlers lived in 5 of the total of the 130 settlements, according to the center. 

The Modein settlement is the largest in the occupied West Bank, with a population of 55.566, followed by the Beitar Illit settlement with 42,467 residents.

About 18176 settlers live in the Ariel settlement, and about 13466 in the Givat Ze'ev.