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Acting President of PLC calls Egypt to open Rafah crossing
Ahmed Bahar, during a ceremony held by the Ministry of Religious Affairs
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Acting President of the  Palestinian Legislative Council,  Ahmed Bahar called on the Egyptian authorities to lift the imposed restrictions on the people of Gaza and re-open Refah crossing.

The interim government of Egypt has increasingly allied itself with Israel in strategy and actions. The Washington Post reported, “with Egypt’s military-backed interim government shutting down the tunnels and largely closing its own pedestrian crossing at Rafah, Gaza is increasingly shut off from the world”.

He said in a ceremony held  by the ministry of Religious Affairs in Gaza on Thursday that the Palestinian government will  never ever wave up the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people , denouncing Israel frequent attacks against Al-Aqsa mosque.

He disapproved the ongoing peace talks between the PLO and Israel describing it as " futile".