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‎ 13-year-old beaten by settlers suffered bruising, 4 arrested east Jerusalem
Awni Abu Shamsiya, 13, was subjected to beatings by the settlers (Photo\Safa Press)
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Gaza, ALRAY – A Palestinian child suffered bruising after being beaten by Jewish settlers in Tel Rumeida neighborhood in the southern West Bank city of Hebron. 

Local sources said “the child Awni Abu Shamsiya, 13, was subjected to beatings by the settlers,” noting that “he was transferred to a Hebron hospital to receive medical treatments,”

Provocative actions are being carried out by settlers against Palestinians in the vicinity of settler outposts in occupied Hebron in light of the celebrations of the so-called Sukkot Jewish Holiday.

A young man has been wounded Monday overnight in clashes with Israeli occupation forces in the al-Eizariya town southeast of occupied Jerusalem.

Eyewitnesses said the man was wounded by a rubber-coated bullet at the top of the foot during clashes broke after Israeli forces ambushed four students from Al-Quds University.

They indicated that the youths were arrested upon leaving a bodybuilding club in Qubsh area near the western entrance to the al-Eizariya.

The Israeli occupation forces stormed the town at night, and began firing tear gas canisters, rubber, and live bullets on the stone-throwing young men.