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Settlers attack 2 girls in 'Jewish Quarter' in Silwan village
Settlers attack 2 girls in 'Jewish Quarter' in Silwan village
Settlers in occupied Jerusalem
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Gaza, ALRAY - Three settlers attacked on Saturday morning two girls of Abu Rmela ‎family while they were heading to their school in the Old City in occupied Jerusalem.

‎Wadi Hilweh Center for Information quoted Abu Yousef Abu Rmela as saying “my ‎daughter, Dhekra, and my niece, Ghada Abu Rmela, 13 year old both, were shoved down ‎and beaten in the face by three settlers as they passed by a Jewish quarter,”‎

‎ The attack left the girls with bruises and in a state of fear and severe panic, according to ‎the center. 

‎Abu Yousef said he had made a complaint to the Bab Al-Selselah police station, which ‎has opened an investigation into the incident and identified the settlers through the ‎cameras installed in the neighborhood.

‎ He pointed out that the attacks on Palestinian passers-by in the Jewish quarter are carried ‎out on a daily basis, either by swearing and throwing waste at them, or by beating them. ‎

The girls, who are residents of Silwan village lying on the edge of east Jerusalem, usually ‎take the Jewish quarter as their route to their school ‘Khalil Al-Sakakeen’, passing ‎through to the Bab Al-Selselah area ending in occupied Jerusalem's Old City where their ‎school lies.

‎ Abu Jamal of the same locality said he saw the two girls by the Bab Al-Selselah area ‎crying of fear. As he asked them about the reason, one of them told him that settlers ‎attacked them. He took them to the police station and made a complaint after having their ‎family attended.‎